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      Chiavari Chairs

          Lime Wash $ 34.00 EA


         Chiavari Chairs
       Free Cushion

"Supreme" # 770 
Quantity Price
20-99 $ 30.00
100-300 $ 35.00
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Above 300.
Ballroom Chiavari Chairs 100+ FREE Shipping

Manufactured with the finest detail. Our most popular ballroom and rental chair. Special factory direct pricing.

Stacks 12 High
Weight: 12 lbs. each
Packed 2 per box
21,000 Satisfied Customers since 2001

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# 800 Ballroom Chair Cushions
Quantity Price
10-400 FREE


Available Colors:
White, Black or Ivory.
 2" Cushion If purchased without chairs add $ 4.00 per cushion.

       Gold Ballroom Chair

Resin Chiavari Chairs

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Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL
Miami, FL, Atlanta, GA

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